Yala Wholesale

Yala Wholesale

We get a lot of merchants who have interest in Shopify, but are concerned about the capability of running a wholesale store on the platform. Although there are Shopify plans that have baked-in wholesale functionality, some merchants would like to scale and grow into the plan first.

Yala had struggled with disparate platforms, exorbitant costs of managing stores on an archaic technology stack before the new owners approached us to build and migrate their existing stores to Shopify. 

Members-Only Site

We built a custom members-only page that is easily modified via the Theme editor.

Product Order Form List & Ajax Cart

We opted for large product image sizes so buyers can inspect every detail, color, and hem. We also wrote a custom order form for bulk ordering ease. All products get pushed to the cart simultaneously while maintaining the shopping experience to the product page.

Wholesale + Retail Pricing

Leveraging a custom pricing app will enable product data to sync between the retail store pricing and data and the wholesale store - seamlessly.

Fabric, Size Specs

Centralized sizing and fabric care information was parsed down and effectively mapped using tags and page content. Sizing and fabric information is easy to update and edit from a centralized location.

Quick View Order

The product quick view from the collection page makes it easy for buyers to add items of interest to the cart.